Tie-Up Formula helps prevent tie-up problems.

The latest research has shown that a healthy balanced intestinal flora helps to prevent muscle tie-up problems. This formula has highly viable probiotic strains of beneficial bacteria that build a healthy flora gut while aiding complete digestion that helps absorb vitamins and nutrients better for maximum muscle performance.

Probiotic Flora Complex
1,750 mg.
Calcium Propionate
6,000 mg.
Magnesium Citrate
2,500 mg.
1,500 mg.
Vitamin E
3,500 IU
Selenium Chelate
2,000 mcg.
Vitamin B-1
2,000 mg.
Zinc Chelate
750 mg.
Proprietary Electrolyte and Herbal Blend
10,500 mg.

5 Lbs. $79.00 (60 day supply)
10 Lbs. $149.00 (120 day supply)
20 Lbs. $279.00 (240 day supply)