The Nupro Advantage

Our supplements are carefully designed for maximum utilization. All vitamins and minerals are naturally chelated and protein bonded, ensuring that your horse is digesting and absorbing all of its supplements. Nupro uses all-natural ingredients and flavors to keep products close to nature. Our products are produced fresh on a weekly basis to guarantee the highest potency.

All important enzymes are added to formulas for better digestion and utilization. We purchase only the purest pharmaceutical nutrients to be incorporated into our products.

Nupro strongly believes in adding all of the most important micro-nutrients and minerals into their products, to ensure that your horse is getting the missing nutrients that are not occurring in the daily diet of normal feeds.

Use Nupro and see the difference!

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“I started using Multivet’s MultiFlex product a number of years ago. The “consumer reports magazine” for the horse world, Horse Journal, evaluated a number of equine joint supplements. MultiFlex was considered one of the best in terms of ingredients, how well it worked, and cost. Prior to that time, I had been feeding another leading brand of joint supplement. When I switched to MultiFlex I noticed an improvement in my horses’ mobility almost immediately. Since then I have continued to feed MultiFlex. The product is palatable, affordable, and the company has outstanding customer service. I have several older horses (19, 20 ,and 25) who are doing well on it. And I also feed it to my younger horses as a preventative.”

Karen H.
North Carolina

“Great product, great service, My horse is a 16 yr old working horse, has been on the multiflex since she was 3 and I have never had a lameness vet call, the electrolytes are great for a working Florida horse, they were originally recommended to me by a vet. I always get my product within a few days of a quick phone call.”

Amy P.

“I have been purchasing the product Multi-flex from Nupro for years. It is the best product out there for the money. I have compared it to many others out there but it remains the best buy. It has the highest amounts of the active ingredients for the money, even with shipping! I have never had an issue with my orders, their customer service is the best. I can leave a message anytime and know my order will arrive in a short few days. I will remain a loyal customer as long as I own horses!”

Stephanie S.