A high-potency sublingual syringe electrolyte with added benefits of DMG, branch chain amino acids, vitamins, and chelated minerals for optimum aborption through the mucosal membranes of the mouth. Plus, blood buffering ingredients help increase oxygen into the muscles for more endurance and faster recovery time.

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS per 34 gram dose
Potassium Chloride
9,000 mg.
100 mg.
Sodium Chloride
8,000 mg.
75 mg.
DMG (N,’N’ Dimethylglycine)
2,000 mg.
50 mg.
Calcium Lactate
1,500 mg.
30 mg.
Magnesium Citrate
500 mg.
10 mg.
Sodium Citrate
250 mg.
Folic Acid
5 mg.
150 mg.
Vitamin B-12
10,000 mcg.
In a base ingredient of dextrose, water, vegetable gum and sodium benzoate.

Sold in boxes of 12; $6.25 per tube